WPTWA Membership

Become a Member of WPTWA

Becoming a Member of the WPTWA entitles an organisation to use the WPTW System, the international leading practice solution for work planning and authorisation, for their onshore oil and gas operations.

Membership entitles access to all WPTW Materials, Training and Certification, and other key resources. With WPTW being mandated for the majority of work in the industry, being a Member of WPTWA ensures that your organisation is able to adopt the highest industry safety standards for an incredibly cost-effective annual fee.

Commencing with the current release of the WPTW System, only Members of the Association may use WPTW to manage wellsite operations under their management control. Non-members can be involved as ‘Participants’ in the System, for example in the role of Wellsite Permit Holder (WPH) or Work Party members, but they have no direct access to WPTW Materials.

Membership benefits include:

  • Access to the WPTW Handbook, Permit Forms, Supplementary forms and support materials for the international leading practice approach to work planning and authorisation on onshore wellsites.
  • Access to WPTW Training for key role holders in the System, ensuring a common understanding of this key system for all contractor and sub-contractor personnel.
  • Access to the certification status of all personnel who have been trained in WPTW, including expiry dates.
  • Access to Self-auditing and assessment tools.
  • Support from technical specialists.
  • Input into ongoing improvements to the WPTW System.
  • Discounted training fees.

The Wellsite Permit to Work Association has two categories of membership:


Corporate Members of the Association are companies or other businesses that are users of the System, typically including operating companies, rig contractors, and service companies.

Representatives of Corporate Members are eligible to serve on the Association’s Board.


Associate Members of the Association are companies or other businesses that provide support to Corporate Members in using the System. Associate Members typically include training providers, personal protective equipment suppliers, governmental groups, some consulting companies and other supporting organisations.

At the time of Application for Membership, each organisation must nominate a Member Representative to be the contact point for all WPTWA communications.

Membership FAQ

How are membership applications assessed?

The Board of the Wellsite Permit to Work Association will assess membership applications on an individual case by case basis and may in its sole discretion approve or reject membership.

Can subsidiaries and / or related companies become Members?

Corporate and Associate members may choose to include subsidiaries in their Membership provided the parent company’s ownership of the subsidiary is at least 50%. However, Joint venture enterprises will not be included as a subsidiary but may be eligible for Membership of the Association.

Parent companies choosing to include subsidiaries must disclose each subsidiary at the time of applying for Membership. Any changes thereafter are to be advised at the time of annual Membership renewal and adjustments to the Membership Fee will be made accordingly.

The Board will only assess Membership applications on an individual case by case and will not make individual determinations regarding membership of nominated subsidiaries.

Subsidiaries and related companies of a Member are eligible for membership of the Association in their own right.  In the event a subsidiary or related company applies for Membership, it should apply for the membership category applicable to their usual business.

Ownership of member companies may change in the course of a year.  Unless otherwise advised, the existing membership of an acquired company will remain valid until the end of the annual membership period and the Member Representative will be entitled to attend and vote at meetings.   The Association will not refund joining or membership fees.

Parent companies choosing to include newly acquired subsidiaries in its membership are to disclose each subsidiary at the time of annual membership renewal.

What is the role of a Member Representative?

When applying for membership, each Corporate and Associate Member must nominate an employee of their organisation to act as their Wellsite Permit to Work Association Member representative. This person is authorised to act on behalf of the Member company in all matters relevant to the Member’s interest in the WPTWA. All correspondence relating to the Association will be sent to the Member Representative.

Importantly, they are entitled to vote on behalf of the Member at WPTWA General Meetings. One person cannot be the Member Representative for more than one Member.

How do we notify WPTWA of a change in our Member Representative?

Download the WPTWA_Change_Member_Details_Form to notify of a change of your Member Representative, or their contact details.

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