WPTW Training

The Wellsite Permit to Work (WPTW) System is a robust and comprehensive approach to the planning and authorisation of work activities for onshore wellsites.

For its successful implementation, all key role holders must have completed WPTWA approved training and certification to ensure they understand their responsibilities.

After extensive consultation with our Members, it was decided that the provision of online training would be significantly more efficient and accessible and provide a high level of standardisation for training outcomes. It also results in a substantial reduction in productive downtime for our Users.

Having all Users on the same page regarding WPTW System roles and requirements is a great advantage for the senior site personnel that are tasked with establishing a safe working environment at the wellsite.

New to WPTW

If you are new to the WPTW System you will be required to complete the comprehensive Online Training to become a Certified User.

Entry Level is the Wellsite Permit Holder (WPH) role.

Download the Enrolment Form or go to First Time Training for more information.


WPTW certification for each role is valid for 2 years. Users will then be required to complete Recertification Training to maintain their certification. The process is simple and involves WPTW System refresher training and assessment.

You will need your issued WPTW certification number to enrol.

Please Note: Personnel holding higher levels of certification (OCR and/or WPA) are deemed to be WPH certified and only need to complete the higher-level recertification training. If you hold all three certifications you will only need to complete OCR and WPA recertification.

Download the Enrolment Form or go to Recertification Training for more information.

Other Roles

Nominally, there are other ‘roles’ that are defined within the WPTW System, however competency requirements for these roles differ from the primary User roles. These include:

Work Party Members

Work Party members are those personnel who, after being briefed by the Wellsite Permit Holder (WPH) and signing on to the WPTW to accept the conditions of Permit, are authorised to conduct the Scope of Work under the supervision of a certified WPH.

NOTE: The only training requirement for Work Party members will be the standard site safety induction and any other requirements of the primary contractor.

There is no formal WPTW certification requirement for these personnel.

Wellsite Permit Coordinator (WPC)

Wellsite Permit Coordinator (WPC) is a high-level coordination role that is required for Complex SIMOPS situations where there are multiple Permit Zones in close proximity to each other.

The WPC will be appointed by the Operating Company to oversee the Complex SIMOPS environment and to prioritise work activities where there is a potential SIMOPS conflict between adjacent Permit Zones. Competency requirements are at the discretion of the Operating Company.

There is no formal WPTW certification requirement for the WPC, however we recommend that they hold OCR certification.

Work Precautions Verifier (WPV)

Work Precautions Verifier (WPV) is not technically a ‘role’ in the WPTW System but rather a task that may be delegated by the WPA to make sure that documented work precautions have been fully implemented prior to the commencement of work. It is still the WPA’s responsibility to ensure that all documented work precautions are verified in place, but they may nominate another competent person to do the field checks on their behalf.

The only competency requirement for the WPV is that they have the technical knowledge to verify the implementation of the work precautions on behalf of the WPA.

There is no formal WPTW certification requirement for the WPV.

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