WPTW Association

The Wellsite Permit to Work Association Inc. is the owner and manager of the WPTW System.

Our Members represent the major organisations in the Australian Onshore Oil and Gas Industry and all share in a commitment to the maintenance of Wellsite Permit to Work (WPTW), the international leading practice approach for the management of wellsite operations.

Prior to the development of WPTW there were a diversity of methods used for the planning and authorisation of work on wellsites , presenting some significant challenges to the major operating companies. The solution was to develop an industry standard approach that could be rolled out to all organisations, leveraging the knowledge and experience of senior industry personnel for the benefit of everyone. This has resulted in the ongoing development of WPTW to the highest standards, reflecting sophisticated thinking in a very simple, direct and robust approach to work authorisation.

By facilitating the common development, maintenance and regular updating of an industry-wide standardised system, WPTW represents a significant cost saving to all Member organisations in terms of the delivery of cutting edge planning and work authorisation for wellsite activities. The cost of developing a system of this breadth and effectiveness is beyond the capacity of smaller organisations, but the Association can make the System and Training available to Members at a realistic cost, to provide a common approach for all personnel conducting work at onshore wellsites. Sharing the cost also means that System and Training improvements can be developed and rolled out across the whole industry, for the benefit of all.

The WPTW System has been mandated by Member companies for their onshore operations, meaning that other organisations wishing to conduct work on Australian onshore wellsites must have personnel that are familiar with, and certified in WPTW.

The change to online delivery of WPTW Training, both First-Time and Recertification Training, is a response to Member feedback seeking a more efficient, standardised and accessible approach to WPTW certification for their personnel.

The Association’s role is to:

  • Oversee the content and use of the WPTW System to ensure it remains consistent, high quality and in line with Australian safety standards and international leading practices
  • Develop minimum training requirements for personnel using the System, and provide ongoing advice in the use of the System
  • Conduct forums, conferences, workshops and seminars to share learnings, improve and advance the System
  • Conduct or commission research, studies or activities to monitor, improve and assess the status or effectiveness of the System

The WPTWA Board:

The Association is governed by a Board of elected WPTWA Member representatives and appointed professionals.

The System Operations Committee:

The WPTWA System Operations Committee is tasked with the ongoing review and updating of the WPTW System, resources and training. They oversee technical reviews of System content in response to regulatory changes and improvements to leading practice, as well as the development of new initiatives, such as Revision 4 of WPTW.

Annual Report 2020-2021:

Copies of the Wellsite Permit to Work Association Annual Report 2018-2019 are available to Members of the Association.

Please contact us with your Organisation name and WPTWA Membership number and we will forward the Annual Report to you.

Join Us

Becoming a member of the Association entitles an organisation to access, actively contribute to and use the WPTW System, the Australian onshore oil and gas industry’s leading practice work authorisation process, ensuring only the highest safety standards are adopted across the industry.