Verification of Competency

What is Verification of Competency (VOC)?

Competency is the ability to effectively apply or use skills, underpinning knowledge and experience in a defined work setting. VOC is a process where skills and knowledge are evaluated against defined performance criteria to confirm competency in the application or use of that skill and knowledge.

WPTW training provides the knowledge base for each of the roles and the WPTWA provides recognition of that knowledge upon successful completion of the training. However, for the safety and efficiency of work conducted on a wellsite, organisations using the WPTW System have a responsibility to ensure their personnel, including subcontractors, are competent in their respective roles and can satisfy the related responsibilities.

The use of VOC tools can assist organisations with the identification of knowledge gaps and incorrect use of the WPTW System, for a more targeted approach to the training of personnel.

Supporting our Members to implement ‘leading practice’.

The WPTWA has developed a VOC Guide and role-holder VOC Tools to assist our Members in the effective use of the WPTW System. These resources are only available to WPTWA Member companies.

In addition, the WPTWA can provide On-Site Coaching by a WPTW technical specialist to support your field teams and provide direct feedback on how to optimise WPTW for your field operations.

To request a copy of the guidelines and guidance tools, or for more information about On-Site Coaching, please call during business hours on 1800 078 939, or email us any time.

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