The WPTW System is a comprehensive approach to the planning and authorisation of work in the potentially high risk work environment of oil and gas wellsites.

New Users of WPTW must complete a thorough Online Training package to bring them up to speed with the theory and practice that underpins the System. Whilst many new Users will have had significant exposure to the oil and gas industry, and will be aware of the common hazards and risks, others will come from diverse backgrounds with no experience of hydrocarbon extraction and relatively little awareness of the health, safety and environmental implications.

After completing the Online Training and achieving WPTW certification, Users will typically gain practical experience on wellsites, using WPTW as a daily tool to maintain the safety and efficiency of the workplace. Initial certification will be valid for 2 years before ‘recertification’ is required. That typically means 2 years of working with the WPTW System.

Recertification Training acknowledges that personnel have a working knowledge of the WPTW System and would benefit from a ‘refresher’ to reinforce key System requirements and any enhancements to WPTW.

Recertification Training is available for each of the three key WPTW roles:

  • Wellsite Permit Holder (WPH)
  • Operating Company Representative (OCR)
  • Wellsite Permit Authority (WPA)

Personnel holding higher levels of certification (OCR and/or WPA) are deemed to be WPH certified and only need to complete the higher-level recertification training. If you hold all three certifications you only need to complete WPA and OCR recertification.

Recertification FAQ

When do I need to complete WPTW Recertification?

Certification is valid for Two Years. You should check your WPW Card, become familiar with the Expiry Date, and contact the Association approximately 2 months before your re-certification is required.

You will be directed to the appropriate link to complete Recertification Training.

If you do not have access to your card or Temporary Certificate, please contact the Association and we can provide your Certification Expiry date.

How do I enrol for a WPTW Recertification course?

Download The Enrolment Form for WPTW Recertification courses (WPH, OCR or WPA).

An individual can enrol themselves, or a company can enrol multiple employees, using the Enrolment Form.

After we receive the completed enrolment form, we will invoice you for the course fees for each certification listed for all of the trainees on the enrolment form. As soon as the course fees have been paid, each trainee will receive an email with their individual login details for accessing the Online Recertification course.

What information will I need to enrol for a WPTW Recertification course?

Each person will need to supply their name, WPW number (found on their WPTW certification card), and a unique, valid email address to be able to enrol in Recertification Training.

How much are the WPTW Recertification courses?

The WPTW Recertification course fees for WPH, WPA and OCR are:

  • for employees of Member Companies: $250 (ex GST) per certification (WPH, OCR or WPA)
  • for employees of non-Member Companies and all other personnel: $395 (ex GST) per certification (WPH, OCR or WPA)
Do I need to have a copy of the WPTW Handbook?

Yes. Trainees are requested to have their current WPTW Handbook with them when they take the online course as it may be helpful, especially for the assessments. Trainees currently completing Recertification training will have been provided a Handbook when they first completed their WPTW training.

If you would like to order more Handbooks for your personnel, please download and complete our Members WPTW System Materials Order Form.

What if I have never used WPTW before, what training do I need to do?

No. If you are new to WPTW you will need to complete the full Online Training course for the WPH role.

Having completed the WPH training you can then apply to complete higher level training as either a Wellsite Permit Authority (WPA) or Operating Company Representative (OCR), but you will need to provide evidence that you have the necessary industry knowledge and experience to hold certification for these more senior roles. Contact the Association for more information.

How long will it take to complete the WPTW Recertification course?

Each course should take approximately 1.5 to 2 hours to complete, including the assessments.

How do I upgrade to a higher level of certification (OCR or WPA)?

To enrol in WPTW First Time Training Course for OCR or WPA you will need to contact the Association to provide evidence of existing knowledge and experience within the industry and working with the WPTW System or equivalent. Please contact the Association for further information.

Do I need to complete Recertification for every level that I hold?

No. OCR or WPA Certification incorporates the lower level of WPH. If you hold either of these higher certifications you only need to re-certify at the higher level. If you hold all 3 certifications you only need to complete the WPA and OCR Recertification Training.

Who will pay for the WPTW Recertification course?

Payment to the Association will be required upon enrolment for the WPTW Recertification course, who pays is between the employer and employee to establish.

The Association will invoice the person (company or individual) submitting the Enrolment Form. After the course enrolment has been paid, the Trainee will receive an email with their individual login details to access the relevant WPTW Recertification course.

Once I have received my login details, how long do I have to complete the online recertification course?

You will have 8 weeks to complete your course from the day you receive your login details.

What is the pass mark?

You will need to achieve 100% in each of the assessments to pass.

What are the (computer) System Requirements?

Trainees will need access to a broadband internet connection (preferably ADSL2+), the NBN, or a 4G Wireless Connection to sit their course.

This system has been designed for and tested in the following browsers:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0, 7.0, 8.0
  • Mozilla Firefox 3.6
  • Google Chrome 11
  • Apple Safari 5
  • and the following operating systems:
  • Microsoft Windows 7 and 8, Microsoft Windows Vista®, Microsoft Windows XP
  • Mac OS X 10.4(Intel) or later
  • Mac iOS 4.0 or later
  • Android 4 or later

The site has been optimised for screen resolutions 320px and higher. Font sizes for html (non-image) text can be increased via your browser settings if required.

On desktops, you will also need Adobe Flash Player 9.0 or later or an html 5 compatible browser.

Can I do a classroom based course instead?

No. With the introduction of Online Training, there are no longer any classroom based courses available for WPTW.

The move to an Online Training approach was in response to the overwhelming feedback from our Members that it created much greater flexibility, better standardisation of the training and training outcomes, and a dramatic reduction in costs and productive downtime.

If you need any further information or support please contact the Association.

Will I get issued a new card?

Yes, as the expiry date is stated on the card you will be issued a new card. Upon completion of the WPTW Recertification course, you will be able to print a Temporary Registration Document that can be used prior to receiving your new card.

How long is my certification valid?

Recertification is valid for two (2) years after successful completion of the course.

I’ve lost my card and don’t know my number, what do I do?

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