Training for New Users

Comprehensive training is provided to new Users of WPTW through our Online Training courses.

Completion of the training results in the issuing of a WPTW Competency Card by the Association and allows the recipient to perform that role on wellsites being managed under WPTW.

Personnel that do not hold current certification cannot perform these roles as Users of the WPTW System, however they can still work as work party members under the ‘Participant’ provisions of the System with supervision by a certified WPTW User.

Being reliant on the availability of a certified User can be a limitation if suitably qualified personnel are not available. We recommend that, where possible, all workers complete WPH training to fully familiarise themselves with the WPTW System.

Entry Level Training for WPTW Users.

Entry Level Training for WPTW Users is the Wellsite Permit Holder (WPH).

This certification allows the User to hold a permit for work being conducted, and to supervise other personnel that are working under that permit. WPH certification means that you understand the WPTW System, the WPH role and the specific responsibilities associated with the permit process and conducting work on a wellsite.

The Online WPH Training will take approximately 1.5 to 2 hrs, including the assessment, depending on the Trainee’s level of familiarity with the WPTW System or Permit to Work (PTW) systems in general. It is strongly recommended that Trainees are familiar with the WPTW Handbook before commencing the Training.

To enroll in our Online WPH Training course, download the Enrolment Form.

Further information is included in our FAQ section below or you can contact the Association.

WPA or OCR Training

For the roles of WPA and OCR please be aware that there are experience and competency requirements. A validation assessment is conducted to establish that the applicant possesses the requisite skills and experience to function in that role. This is to avoid applicants with insufficient experience moving into critical supervisory roles under the WPTW System.

Trainees wanting to enrol in WPTW Online Training for the first time for senior roles such as Wellsite Permit Authority (WPA) or Operating Company Representative (OCR) must either hold WPH certification, or will need to provide the Association with evidence of:

  • existing knowledge and experience in the Oil and Gas industry; and
  • working with WPTW or equivalent PTW systems.

The evidence can be in the form of a CV and should be emailed, together with the completed Enrolment Form, to

For further information, please check out “What are the knowledge and experience requirements for WPA and OCR” in our FAQ Section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is WPTW Online Training and who is required to complete it?

People who are new to WPTW and who desire to perform any of the key roles are required to complete comprehensive online training to familiarise themselves with the WPTW System, the different roles and responsibilities. Only persons holding WPTW certification can perform the key roles in the WPTW System to ensure that work is conducted to a consistently high standard.

The entry level role in WPTW is the Wellsite Permit Holder (WPH). If you need to upgrade to a higher level of responsibility within the WPTW System you will also need to complete an additional Online Training module for that role, such as Wellsite Permit Authority (WPA) or Operating Company Representative (OCR).

Work Party members will normally have completed a Site Safety Induction that will include an overview of the management and safety systems being used on site and their responsibilities under those systems. That Induction will generally include an overview of the WPTW system. There is no formal WPTW training required for Work Party members.


When you have been WPTW certified for two years, you will need to complete Recertification training to maintain your WPTW certification level.

Go to Recertification Training

How do I enrol for an Online Training course?


The Enrolment Form is available by emailing

Follow the instructions on the Enrolment Form, completing the details for each trainee and email the form to the Association: Please ensure you include the Trainee’s name, a valid individual email address and a postal address for delivery of the WPTW Rev 3 Handbook.

The enrolment will be processed and an invoice issued. Payment can be made via credit card or direct bank deposit.

Upon payment of the invoice, an email containing the login details and a link to the training will be sent to each trainee. A copy of the WPTW Rev3 Handbook will also be sent to the Trainee’s postal address as supplied on the Enrolment Form.

It is recommended that the Trainee reviews the WPTW Rev3 Handbook prior to starting the Online Training.

What information will I need to enrol in an Online Training Course?

Wellsite Permit Holder (WPH)

To enroll in Online WPH Training, each trainee will need to supply:

  • their name
  • date of birth
  • a valid individual email address
  • a postal address for their WPTW Handbook

Wellsite Permit Authority (WPA) and Operating Company Representative (OCR)

In addition to completing the Online Enrolment Form as above, Trainees wanting to enroll for the first time in Online Training for WPA or OCR will need to contact the Association to provide evidence of existing knowledge and experience within the industry and working with the WPTW System or equivalent. Please contact the Association for further information.

What are the knowledge and experience requirements for WPA and OCR?

Because of the critical nature of the higher supervisory roles in WPTW, there are experience and competency requirements for WPA and OCR. A validation assessment is undertaken to establish that the applicant possesses the requisite experience to function in that supervisory role. This is to avoid applicants with insufficient experience moving into critical roles.

A prospective candidate must be able to demonstrate the following level of experience in order to complete WPTW Online Training for WPA or OCR certification:

1.  Has participated as a Work Party member and currently holds the WPH certification for a minimum of 18 months as a regular end-user of the WPTW system, and has reached the equivalent of a derrickman position within the drilling and/or service equipment sector; or

2.  Has participated as a Work Party member and currently holds the WPH certification for a minimum of 18 months as a regular end-user, and is a workforce supervisor in one of the following wellsite sectors:

  •   Flowback / Well Testing
  •   Wireline/ E-line crew
  •   Stimulation and Coil Tubing
  •   Cementing
  •   Well / Wellhead Integrity Operations
  •   Wellsite Civil Construction/ Restoration/ Rehabilitation activities
  •   DST/ Directional Drilling/ Artificial Lift operations
  •   Casing / Tubing running specialist operations

3.  If the candidate has not previously worked with WPTW, however has previously worked in an operational role within industries where PTW systems are implemented, especially in an offshore exploration or production based oil and gas operational environment, a CV including previous working history must be supplied that specifically details:

  • supervisory experience; and
  • work in PTW controlled work environments.

The same validation criteria will apply to candidates transferring to onshore Australia wellsites from overseas onshore wellsite operations.

NOTE: Whilst WPTWA may provide training and certification in the use of the WPTW System, it is still the responsibility of the employing organisation to ensure that a candidate has the requisite skills, experience and other competencies to perform the supervisory role for which they are being employed.

How much are the Online Training Courses?

The WPTW Course fees for WPH, WPA and OCR are:

WPTWA Member Company employees
  • WPH Certification – $300 (ex GST) per person
  • WPA and OCR certification – $400 (ex GST) per person
Non Member Companies
  • WPH Certification – $450 (ex GST) per person
  • WPA and OCR certification – $550 (ex GST) per person


Please email us at for more information.

How can I pay for Online Courses?

An invoice will be issued via email upon processing of the enrolment/s. Payment can be made by credit card or bank deposit.

When will I receive my WPTW Handbook?

Once an enrolment has been finalised and payment received, the WPTW Handbook will be posted to the address indicated on the enrolment form. Please allow up to 10 days.

It is not recommended that Trainees commence any WPTW Online Training prior to receiving their Handbook as all of questions can be answered from the content of the Handbook, and too many incorrect ‘guesses’ can result in the trainee being locked out of the online training.

If the WPTW Handbook has not been received within 10 days from enrolment date, please speak with your Training Coordinator or contact the Association.

Once I receive my log in details, how long do I have to complete my online course?

You will have 8 weeks to complete your WPTW First Time (Online) Training course from the day you receive your login details.

How long will the training take?

The training takes approximately 1.5 to 2 hrs depending on the Trainees’ level of familiarity with the WPTW System or Permit to Work (PTW) systems in general.

Can I do face to face training?

Face to face classroom training is no longer available. However please contact the Association if you have reasons that will limit or prevent you from learning via the online method and restrict your ability to complete the training.

How long is my temporary certificate valid for?

Upon successful completion of the course, you will be able to print a temporary certificate. This temporary certificate is valid for 10 weeks and should be printed for evidence.

How long is my certification valid for?

The Association will issue a certificate which will be valid for two (2) years from the course completion date. The Association will notify you when your certification is due to expire and advise that you will need to complete Recertification Training.

I’ve already attended face-to-face classroom based training. Do I have to complete Online Training?

If you have previously completed WPTW training in a classroom environment and your Certification is valid for 2 years from the completion date. You will then need to complete Recertification training for that role.

What are the (computer) System Requirements?

Trainees will need access to a broadband internet connection (preferably ADSL2+), the NBN, or a 4G Wireless Connection to sit their course.

This system has been designed for and tested in the following browsers:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0, 7.0, 8.0
  • Mozilla Firefox 3.6
  • Google Chrome 11
  • Apple Safari 5
  • and the following operating systems:
  • Microsoft Windows 7 and 8, Microsoft Windows Vista®, Microsoft Windows XP
  • Mac OS X 10.4(Intel) or later
  • Mac iOS 4.0 or later
  • Android 4 or later

The site has been optimised for screen resolutions 320px and higher. Font sizes for html (non-image) text can be increased via your browser settings if required.

On desktops, you will also need Adobe Flash Player 9.0 or later or an html 5 compatible browser.

Having trouble accessing the online training?

You may have been locked out of the course. This can occur for a couple of reasons:

  • the link has expired – the duration between the Online Training access email being sent and trainee login has been greater than 8 weeks
  • there have been too many incorrect answers – student has not been successful in completing the Online Training.

In both cases, please contact the Association.

I don’t have or can’t find my log on details or password?

An Online Training access email will be sent to the email address for each Trainee registered on the Enrolment Form, containing the link and unique logon details to complete the WPTW Rev3 Training.

The Online Training access email will be from

Depending on hosting and server settings, the emails may have been diverted to your Junk or Spam folders, or held in quarantine. Please check those folders or contact your company IT System Administrator.

If you are still unable to locate your logon details, please contact the Association.

I’ve failed my course, what do I do now?

The WPTW Association is committed to supporting all of our WPTW Users to more fully understand the System and how it is meant to be applied and can provide phone support for training.

Please contact us during business hours on 1800 078 939 for further assistance.

I lost my connection part way though the course. What should I do?

Progress through the training is automatically saved to your last completed assessment. Log back onto the Online Training course and continue the training.

I don’t have my Handbook.

Please allow 10 days after enrolment confirmation to receive your WPTW Handbook. Handbooks are posted to the address supplied on the Enrolment Form. If your training is funded through your employer, please speak with your supervisor or Training Coordinator to confirm where the Handbook was sent.

If you or your organisation has not received your Handbook after 10 days, please contact the Association.

My details have changed. How do I update them?

Please email the Association with your new contact details.

I’ve lost my card and don’t know my WPW ID number. What should I do?
My question’s not here…

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